12G SDI extender over fiber

We are proud to introduce our brand new 12G-SDI heavy duty fiber optic extender for reliable, high quality signal transmission used in professional 12G-SDI broadcast applications.

As classic 12G-SDI copper cabling has significant limitations in terms of distance (around 100m with stiff and bulky RG7/RG11 coax) and cost effectiveness, the only viable alternative is to use optical fiber, greatly boosting the distance to hundreds and even thousands of meters.

“When copper falls short, optical fiber takes over.”

Key features

  • 12G-SDI (UHD) @ 60Hz
  • Autosensing (1,5G/3G/6G/12G)
  • Dual 12G-SDI Output
  • Robust, compact & lightweight
  • opticalCON DUO (LC compatible)
  • Singlemode (up to 10km)
  • Multimode (up to 200m)
  • Status LED
  • Threaded nut for truss- or stand mounting

12G-SDI at your finger tips, regardless of distance.

UHD Feedthrough BNC

The USXT² features direct-out feedthrough bulkheads in order to keep the copper distances and connections as short as possible inside the extender. This allows customers to have their own 12G cabling on both units’ ends.

Lockable power

All our extenders are fitted with Neutrik’s powerCON TRUE1 TOP connectors. Thanks to the locking mechanism, power is delivered safely and reliably to the units.

opticalCON DUO

The XT² extenders always come with the opticalCON DUO connectors from Neutrik, providing a robust and high quality fiber connection every time.

LC Compatibility

The USXT² is perfectly compatible with standard LC connectors. This gives customers the possibility to use already existing fiber infrastructure, whether it’s multimode or singlemode.

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