Belram: cables & connectors for audio, video, fiber optic and industry

Since 1964, Belram has been a leading Belgian and Luxembourg distributor of connectors, cables, interconnection systems and accessories for professional power, control, data, audio, video and lighting applications.

We distribute premium brands, such as Neutrik, Belden, Sommer Cable, Harting, Schill, Syntax, Phase3, NTi Audio, REAN, Purelink, Luxi Electronics, BlueBell, Ceep, BoXo, EXFO, Platinum Tools, Titanex, BTX, Keraf, PCE, Nichiban.

Our brands

Neutrik® is the leading supplier of professional entertainment connector products like audio, video, fiber optic and industrial connectors and interconnect systems.

Belden offers thousands of wire and cable products for analog and digital audio, digital video (HD-SDI, 3G-SDI), data (CAT5, CAT6/6A, CAT7), optical fiber, and other industrial cabling solutions.

Manufacturer and specialist for professional cable and connector technology, particularly in audio, video, studio broadcast and media technology.

NTi Audio AG is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement solutions for acoustics, audio and vibration applications.

Schill cable drums are the solution for many different demands, to make work in the household, handicraft, in the industry, with television and radio broadcasters or also at events substantially easy.

An international brand - Lanberg, focuses, with keen attention to details, on quality and flexibility, while creating new network and data product solutions. Goods that are introduced to the market are always an answer for a real demand, from the professional solutions segment.

Harting provides high-performance connectivity for industrial automation and product technology. Their line consists of connectors for electric and electronic applications, for a wide range of industrial, broadcast and entertainment markets.

Cleerline Technology Group constantly strives to improve all forms of fiber optic technology, from the glass itself to the tools and accessories that are utilized in the process of termination. From the largest data centers, to your office desktop connection, and now to your home’s TV, Cleerline is redefining fiber connectivity.

Manufacturer and specialist for professional cable and connector technology, particularly in audio, video, studio broadcast and media technology.

Bluebell Opticom designs and manufactures high quality fibre optic transmission equipment for the broadcast, telecommunications and satellite industries.

Phase3 specialises in connectors, 100% manufactured in the UK, specifically for power distribution and the entertainment and event industry.

BoXo offers compact system enclosures for custom assembly of stageboxes, adapters, power boxes, and many more.

Inneos invents connection technologies for 4K and 8K to enable customers to breakthrough bandwith and distance challenges, and capitalize on new opportunities as quickly als they arise.

KERAF is a service and quality-oriented organization, which since its foundation has been designing and manufacturing high quality electrotechnical rubber articles.

Nichiban has made “creating useful products supporting comfortable living” its objective, developing leading technologies in adhesives and adhesion on the shoulders of the company's heritage in a wide array of fields.

AFL manufacture, engineer and install fiber optic products and associated equipment that make connections possible. This includes fiber optic cable, transmission and substation products, fiber outside plant equipment, connectors and accessories, fusion splicers and test and inspection equipment.

Platinum Tools, founded in 1997, was created based upon a very simple objective: develop and source the absolute best possible solutions for the preparation, installation and hand termination of wire and cable.

Whether for professional or private use, digital connectivity systems Purelink always provide a perfect solution for individual projects. Purelink stands for high-quality materials and sets new standards in terms of reliability and performance, both for business and end users.


TITANEX® cables are considered the very best, incorporating flexibility and unequalled resistance and are mainly used in the fields of film and theatre productions, industrial settings, public works, buildings, lifting and handling capacities, in mountain or aquatic environments and in the iron and steel industries.

PCE is a manufacturer of industrial CEE plugs and sockets and distribution boxes following the principle of development, production, and sale of extremely high quality industrial connectors.

REAN is a range of professional audio connectors by Neutrik AG. They offer a reliable alternative for cost sensitive applications.


SENKO Advanced Components develops, manufactures, markets and distributes over 1000 fiber optic products for the telecom & datacom industries worldwide.


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