Professional Power Distribution & Neutrik Price update

Contrik PPD

From standard power distribution to the extreme, robust, reliable and outdoor rated solution! In/Outdoor with powerCON TRUE1 TOP EASYLEN® flame retardant self extinguishing Loop Through version available Self-Closing caps IP65, IK10 Extremely rugged The XO versions (X – Extreme, Robust & Reliable ; O – Outdoor Protection), are the perfect fit for: Manufacturers (lamp, truss,…) LED walls Christmas markets,…

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Belden price change & Belram’s website

Belden price change A price increase has been applied by Belden since May 1st. However, Belram will not reflect this price change to its customers before May the 9th.You can already download our price list that will be in effect as from 9/05/2022. Belram’s Success Story Check out our news success story webpage, where we…

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NTi @ the Olympics

NTiOlympics 500x300 1

At the various venues, for the spectators and particularly the athletes themselves, the loudspeaker announcements are an important source of information. In addition to the venue itself, the sound quality in the lounges, commentary room, control room, hallways and broadcast booths is considered. So, from the start of construction to the completion of the project, acoustics consultants controlled…

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Neutrik Prices & Products Updates

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Neutrik Price Change A price increase has been applied by Neutrik since April 1st. However, Belram will not reflect this price change to its customers before April 18th. You can already download our price list that will be in effect as from 18/04/2022 Neutrik opticalCON Chassis Inspection Based on various customer feedbacks and the high…

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Neutrik opticalCON DRAGONFLY

Dragonfly 500x300 1

Next Generation SMPTE Camera Cable The DRAGONFLY range features the male and female cable connector and their chassis counter parts. Robust, reliable, easy Neutrik’s opticalCON DRAGONFLY is more rugged, reliable and has a simplified maintenance compared to common hybrid camera signal transmission systems. With technology based on fiber lenses and fusion splicing, Neutrik’s DRAGONFLY achieves…

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Neutrik’s DANTE series

News 300

NA2-IO-DPRO | NA2-IO-DLINE | NPS-30W NA2-IO-DPRO The NA2-IO-DPRO is a 2IN, 2OUT breakout box designed to connect legacy audio equipment with the Dante® network. It features high-quality microphone preamps and 2 Dante® ports for either redundant setup or daisy chaining. Audio parameters are adjusted either by Neutrik’s DPRO controller or a number of common control software. …

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Christmas Sales

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Belram’s Christmas SALES Be aware that Belram will be Closed the 23rd and 24th for our annual inventory The New NSCC-X from Neutrik The spring-loaded sealing self-closing cap for powerCON receptacles shuts automatically after unplugging the cable connector and seals the chassis connectors against dust and water to IP65. Price List Update Unfortunately, the COVID19’s…

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M2340 & Data Explorer Software

NTi 1221

M2340 – The self-test microphone for the XL2 The new M2340 measurement microphone is a further development of the M2230, compatible with the XL2 and also a Class 1 measurement microphone. In addition, the M2340 features self-verification circuitry (CIC) and consumes significantly less power than the M2230.Allowing you to verified the complete signal chain periodically, remotely,…

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Landberg 500x300 1

LANBERG, the latest addition to our product range, is a brand specialized in manufacturing quality professional network components such as network cable, patch cords, panels, network connectors, tooling, server racks, and much more. Competitive and attractive pricing Rich product portfolio Excellent customer support A Short Product Overview Patch Cords CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A Shielded or unshielded…

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Keep an eye on your Fibers

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Get the fiber that fits your needs and treat them well In today’s world, there is more and more fiber optic everywhere. However, you must choose the fiber that fits your needs and make sure to use them properly! Which type of fiber? Patch Cords LC, SC, APC,…Breakout, lengths,… Cleerline The bendable fiberPatch Cord, bulk,……

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