Belram's Medical product range

We decided to gather and show you a glimpse of all our available products that are a match for the healthcare environment

Needed product in the healthcare environment is really large, from data cable in the hospitals, specific connectors for OEMs as well as the latest technology for the Operation Room, we tried to gather here a glimpse of our possible solutions!

We are off course always pleased to provide you with the best support for your projects, so don't hesitate to contact us, enabling us to find the best solution together!

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    XLR3 - White Serie

    The worldwide accepted standard of XLR connectors, mostly associated with balanced/digital audio, is also used for control, low-voltage power supplies and much more.

    Sleek and ergonomic design


    Color coding available (Available here)

    Up to 50V

    16A per contact

    RF protection and electromagnetic shielding


    Neutrik’s powerCON® power connectors range, a range of compact, reliable, lockable and robust connectors.

    Extremely robust and reliable

    Fast and easy twist lock latching system

    Ergonomic design

    Up to 250V

    16A, 20A or 32A

    V-0 Flammability rated insert

    Circuit Breaking Capability (IEC 61984) when mated

    Much more of our connectors would fit in the healthcare environment. By providing quality, resourceful, and divers product, Belram is also selling much more other connectors to the medical world


    Fiber optics


    Developed and designed by Neutrik for the healthcare environment. The HybridMed is the solution for Operation Room

    Dust Insensitive

    Low Maintenance

    Easy Integration → D-Shape

    4K & 8K Future Proof

    Male to Male System

    Nurse compliant & Glove Protection

    Medical Conform TPU Material

    Massive Guiding Nose

    16 fibers

    2 x AWG 16 power channels (12V/10A/50Hz)

    Cleerline SSF

    Cleerline SSF developed a fiber that destroy all the myth that you can have about fibers.

    This fiber is so strong and flexible that you can tight a knot in it without breaking it! Check it out here!

    Extremely robust (10,000 times the bend capacity)

    No risk when manipulated by novice

    Perfect for mechanical arms, bending process,...

    Pre-polished connector mounted in less than 1 minute

    No need for special termination kit

    As fiber is already today's and tomorrow's technologies, the health care field must follow-up with the technology.

    opticalCON ADVANCED and LITE41


    Bulk Cables

    Belram is the official supplier for Belden, Sommer and much more brands in the BeLux.

    Thanks to its warehouse, products can be easily and quickly delivered to our customers.

    Audio, Video, Data, Fiber, Power, multi, ...

    Per complete spool or per meter

    Flexible, installation, robust, ...

    CPR, CCA, LSZH, ...

    Indoor, Outdoor, Anti-rodent,


    Premade Cables

    From pre-manufactured to homemade cables,  we will be able to get you the signal you want, where you want!

    Audio, Video, Data, Fiber, Power, multi, ...

    On drums or Airspool

    Flexible, installation, patch, ...

    CPR, CCA, LSZH, ...


    And much more of our product will fit your needs!