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As from July 1st 2017, with new CPR (Construction Products Regulation) rules on reaction-to-fire performance being implemented by the European Commission (EC), cabling for fixed installations can no longer be used in European buildings or civil engineering works if they are not tested and certified according to the new CPR rule.

EUROCLASSES are the new uniform assessment methods or classifications that reflect real-life environments for building products based on reaction-to-fire performance.

The Euroclass Table defines seven classes for the reaction to the fire performance of cables. Analyzed in a simulated installation, measurements of flame spread, heat release, flaming droplets, smoke emission and corrosivity of gases are taken. Based on their performance, the cables are placed into the Euroclass system that indicates its behavior during a fire.

cpr classes

CPR classifies several factors for assessing the contribution of a product to a fire. A rating is composed of four factors: Fire Spread Class, Smoke Production (s), Flaming Droplets (d), and Acidity (a).

These factors are described at a high level in the table below.

CPR Table b

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