This product is discontinued and no longer available

Neutrik is pleased to introduce you to its full DANTE® (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet) solution with its complete product range:

Connect analog audio equipment to a Dante® Network.

Heavy duty adapter for rugged stage conditions.

Lockable audio and network connections.

Different mounting options: rack, floor box, table mounting, truss.


NA2-IO-DLINE: Line I/O to Dante® interface

The NA2-IO-DLINE is an end-of-network device which allows 2 Line-IN and 2 Line-OUT signals to be integrated into a Dante® network. Therefore, the NA2-IO-DLINE can simultaneously converts a Dante® stream into analog audio signals. Hence, it is possible to use this tiny robust box to feed analog audio signals into the Dante® network while at the same time receiving a mix from another Dante® source.

You are now able to connect your legacy audio gear to the Dante® world. Take here an example of a typical NA2-IO-DLINE application:

NA2-IO-DLINE schematic example

NPS-30W: Power over Ethernet supply

NPS-30W is Neutrik's answer to increasing demand for PoE injectors. It’s a passive Gigabit Power over Ethernet supply with 30W PoE budget and no requirement for power negotiation. Consequently, the NPS-30W is a convenient companion for any PoE application, not just Neutrik's network products.

You can use the NPS-30W as a power and data redundancy or in a daisy chain mode. For instance, here is an example in the power and data redundancy configuration:

NPS-30W schematic example

NA2-IO-DPRO: mic, line and AES/EBU to Dante interface

The NA2-IO-DPRO is a 2IN, 2OUT breakout box for mic, line and AES/ EBU signals, designed to connect your audio equipment to a Dante® network. It features high quality microphone preamps and 2 Dante® ports for either redundant setup or daisy chaining. Audio parameters are adjusted either by Neutrik's DPRO controller or some common control software.

Remote Control

The DPRO can be remotely controlled either by Neutrik's DPRO controller software, or by the control plugin for the Q-SYS platform. As a result, DPRO Controller Software gives the user not only remote control options such as level, mute, gain, phantom power, input signal and low-cut, but also the possibility to change the device’s network settings and to update the firmware.

The Control Plugin for the Q-SYS Platform can be used with the NA2-IO-DPRO thanks to its AES67 mode, allowing the user to perform various controls such as gain, phantom power, lo-cut, mute and mic/line switch. In order words, this is a convenient solution to system designers for the widely adopted QSC environment! We can now show you a perfect example on how flexible the setup can be, mixing various technologies, sources, ...

NA2-IO-DPROschematic example


Neutrik NRP1RU-2A
Rack panel for NA2-IO-DLINE

Rack panel for NA2-IO-DLINE

With this 1RU panel it’s possible to mount 2 of the NA2-IO-DLINE interfaces within a rack. 4 additional D-shape cut-outs allow the assembly of audio or network feedthroughs.

Neutrik NA-MB-KIT
NA2-IO-DLINE Bracket Set

NA2-IO-DLINE Bracket Set

The adapter bracket set supports the assembly of one NA2-IO-DLINE interface inside a floor box or below tables. A stepless angle from -90° to +90° can be set.

Neutrik NA-TM-KIT
Truss Yoke Kit for up to 2 Dante Devices

Truss Yoke Kit for up to 2 Dante Devices

The NA-TM-KIT is a truss yoke kit for the installation of up to 2 devices on a truss. It’s compatible with all our network devices, such as NA2-IO-DLINE, NA2-IO-DPRO and of course the NPS-30W.