Easy Splicer MK2

Fiber Splicer

Easy and cost-effective

Why call a technician when you can do it yourself?

EasySplicer MK2

EasySplicer MK2 is a Swedish made Fusion Splicer, designed for working daily with fiber optic installations. It's small and handy to bring along to any kind of work. The construction is very rugged and even if splicing should take place under good conditions (indoors), it is still designed to be used out in the field.



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Everything You Need

Unique Price

Manufactured in Europe, EasySplicer MK2 guarantees the best build quality and performance-to-cost ratio compared to other budget alternatives.

Included parts

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Built-in oven

Rechargeable battery pack (built-in)

3 pairs of fiber holders

250µm, 900µm and loose tube

Cleaver with bin (trash can)


Power supply

EasySplicer MK2

  • Fusion splicing made easy and affordable with the EasySplicer MK2
  • For both Singlemode and Multimode fibers
  • Splicing time of less than 7 seconds
  • Loss estimation
  • Pull test of performed splices
  • Built-in oven
  • Easy-to-use and to carry along
  • Perfect for the FTTH installer
  • Ready for SOC-connectors (Splice on Connectors)

        * carrying case included


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