Neutrik: HybridMed®


«The next Generation of fiber optic connectors in the Medical Market»

Neutrik HybridMed - OR connector

Healthcare today is about new ideas, new players, new approaches and new technologies.

But in the past few years only a handful of visionaries have achieved to clearly outline where all this “new” is going.

Therefore, Neutrik, as a world leader in the connection technology wanted to answer today's and future demand in the operation room.

Most importantly, with the increasing data rate (3D/4K technology, 10-bit Color Depth,...), the need to decrease the amount of cables in the operation room and to facilitate the operation team's work, Neutrik developed the opticalCON Hybrid Med® solution.

 Dust Insensitive

 Low Maintenance

 Easy Integration → D-Shape

 4K & 8K Future Proof

 Male to Male System

 Nurse compliant & Glove Protection

 Medical Conform TPU Material

 Massive Guiding Nose

 16 fibers

2 x AWG 16 power channels (12V/10A/50Hz)


Hospital Network & Operation Room

Fiber Hospital Network
Fiber Hospital Network

Whether it is in the operation room or not, you need fiber!

OEM for Operation Instrument

OEM Operation Room

The opticalCON HybridMed® is already available on the market!


Lens vs PC fiber optic

Using the latest lens technology, Neutrik's connectors consequently have become extremely resistant to dust as the signal surface lens becomes 13 times bigger than basic physical contact surfaces!
As a result, with such technology, a basic dust remover (simple pressurized air can) will do the trick!

Above all, Neutrik uses a PRIZM® MT lens, enabling them to have only 0.65 dB/connection Insertion Loss!

opticalCON® Quad Med Vs opticalCON® Hybrid Med

opticalCON® Hybrid Med

Neutrik NO16FD-XP

opticalCON® Hybrid Med Chassis connector

Neutrik NKOB16M*-XP0-*

opticalCON® Hybrid Med breakout Cable

Neutrik NKO16M-XP-0-*

opticalCON® Hybrid Med Cable