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We have been working with Lanberg for some times now and a formal presentation was long overdue!

Lanberg is an experienced and responsible producer of professional solutions from the networking segment.

Rack cabinets, lan cables, patchcords and many more constitute the Lanberg extensive product catalog, if you have browsed the Belram catalog you undoubtedly stumbled upon some of their products.

Price without compromise

The gradual evolution of the Lanberg brand is based on continuous improvement of quality, consistent implementation of development projects that allow creating products, which are tailored to the requirements and expectations of the market.


Together, Belram and Landberg are joining forces to bring you quality products at an affordable price!


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Rich product portfolio

Goods that are introduced to the market are always an answer for a real demand, creating a comprehensive solution for users from the professional segment, IT installers and server rooms designed for SMB.

As our partnership with Lanberg grows you will find more and more product from their catalog on our website such as routers, network interface cards (NIC) and switches.

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In addition to a wide range of cabinets and server chassis, Lanberg provides solutions, such as structured cabling, including LAN and patch cables, as well as tools for building LAN network infrastructures.

At last but not least, they specialize in the distribution of Power, USB, VGA, DVI, HDMI, Jack, SCART, DisplayPort, ATA, SATA cables and extenders, as well as various types of adapters.