Neutrik MINEA® module - a quick and easy access to MILAN™ Technology

This product is discontinued and no longer available

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    What is MILAN™ Technology?

    The commercial AV market is constantly evolving as products and systems become increasingly complex, all meanwhile expectations grow for a top-of-the-line experience.

    Indeed, in today's show, events,... We need to be able to route as easily audio, video and data. In addition to provide a technology that is future-proof, extremely flexible, easy-to-use and most importantly reliable.

    This is why, the mains leader in the AV world industry gather under the AVNU Alliance, to create MILAN™, the Media Integrated Local Area Network!

    Therefore, MILAN™ will offer a complete solution ensuring a comprehensive remote control capabilities, efficient audio networking possibilities as well as a seamless interoperability and integration with other devices.

    With MILAN™ protocol, Audio channels are bundled in streams in the network. To clarify, it is not possible to send/receive audio channels without streams. However, due to the MILAN™ AAF stream audio format, one stream contains a maximum of 8 channels. Meaning that a talker stream can send its stream to multiple listener streams, but a listener stream can only receive one talker stream.

    • Example 1

    An Endpoint Device (Device C) operates with a single listener stream, configured to 8 channel format. The device can receive only one stream, no matter how many channels it contains. But if a talker (Device A) only sends audio data to 5 channels of the stream, the other 3 channels are not used, and the listener cannot receive any more streams or channels from other devices (like Device B). Therefore, these channels remain unused!

    • Example 2

    An Endpoint Device (Device C) operates with two listener streams and can receive two streams with every 8 channels.

    MILAN™ & MINEA® audio specification

    • Sampling depth: 32 bit
    • Supported sampling rates: 48 kHz / 96 kHz / 192 kHz
    • Audio latency: 0.5 ms
    • Audiokchannels: max. 32 channels per Modul
    • Audio streams: max. 4 streams per Modul

    Why MILAN™?

    It would be a shame to miss the train on a technology that will be for sure, the reference in the future.

    Indeed, MILAN™'s technology is based on 3 pilars:


    No switch configuration required
    Coexistence of control data and media streams on one network port
    Flexible media clocking
    Hassle free operation of converged networks
    Scalable and flexible, plug-n-play set up and use

    Safe & Secured

    Deterministic network assures on-time delivery
    Reliable delivery that just works and keeps working
    Co-exists with other Ethernet traffic without risk of drop-outs or degradation of media

    Future Proof

    For the industry, by the industry
    Choice of hardware implementation
    Development extension managed openly by a collaborative group of industry leaders
    Supports any type of media

    Neutrik MINEA®

    The MINEA® is a 2x2 stream MILAN™-certified audio module. Above all, it's a ready-to-go solution that allows manufacturers in the Pro Audio market to quickly and easily implement Milan into their products, from single loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones, audio embedders & de-embedders to complex multichannel mixing desks and multi-port conferencing systems.

    MINEA's components

    MINEA components Neutrik MILAN

    Besides the transmission of digital audio signals into MILAN™, the module offers further interfaces to implement MINEA® perfectly into the device environment.

    • With UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter) it is possible to receive and send information from MILAN™ and to query current system or audio status.
    • With SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) specific settings can be stored in the module, which will be called as soon as the device is turned on or the sampling rate is changed.
    • Via GPIO (General-purpose input/output) the audio metering can be received or checked whether a talker or listener stream is currently active.

    MINEA® Development Set

    With the MINEA®, Neutrik is offering their customer a one-time investment to design their own dedicated MINEA® modules which will perfectly match the customer needs.

    Indeed, the MINEA® Development Set includes:

    • 2x Evaluation Board
    • 15x MINEA® Module
    • 40 hours of direct technical support from R&D in Liechtenstein
    • Access to Backstage Online Portal with technical documentation
    • Implementation Test Tool
    • Entering the fascinating world of MILAN™

    That is to say that with Neutrik's support, there is no need for additional staff or training, you'll have a fast off-the-shelf modules introduce on the market with a MILAN™ certified product with MILAN™'s logo as well as a new low-cost entry membership level for manufacturers implementing MILAN™ modules.

    Once you`ve become Avnu Member and after successful registration of your product at AVNU Alliance you will be ready to launch your MILAN™ certified product on the market! Neutrik will support you by providing direct technical support and a dedicated Key Account Manager will guide you safely through the complete implementation process.

    If you want to prepare yourself for the AV network standard of the future, please don't hesitate to reach out so both Belram and Neutrik can provide best support right from the beginning!