The super robust universal cable series for outdoor and wet area installations.
Making sure you can sleep well at night!

Aquamarinex super robust universal cable

Let us introduce you Sommer’s Aquamarinex series, super robust universal cable series for which the top priority is given to signal transmission under most adverse weather and environmental conditions like rain, snow, ice, mud, salt/chlorine water, heat, etc.

  • WATERPROOF between 20m to 50m in addition to be transversely and longitudinally watertight due to a special PUR jacket with water blocking tape.
  • RODENT RESISTANT, aramid versions with rodent protection and optimized tensile load.
  • SALT & CHLORINE RESISTANT, salt-, fresh and chlorine water resistant outer jacket, sand-repellent and easy to clean.
  • UV-RESISTANT, UV- and microbe-resistant.
  • ISO 9001, RoHS, WEEE, IP44/54/67, halogen-free, notch-resistant, indestructible cable for installations in extreme conditions.

A large range of spool & premade cables

  • Power Supply Solutions
  • Loudspeaker Connections
  • Video/SAT Solutions
  • AF and Control Connections
  • With Neutrik’s TOP connectors
  • Micro DMX Connections
  • Data Transmission
  • Solutions for Lighting Systems
  • With Schuko connectors
aquamarinex cable serie

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