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Have you ever dreamt of a fiber optic cable so strong that you can tie it in a knot?

When it comes to safety and security cables, you only wants the best!

We are reaching out you today to offer you the product you’ve been waiting for. We know that installing security fiber solutions can be tricky sometimes. Have you ever struggled to pull a fiber cable without breaking it? Let’s face it, the places where you pull cables are not always ideal. It’s not always a straight line. If this situation is familiar to you and you wondered if there existed more flexible fiber optic cables, look no further, we have the solution for you.

Cleerline Fiber is stronger

Cleerline fiber has up to 10,000 times the bend longevity and up to 200 times the pull force of traditional fiber. It is ideal for technicians like you who need the flexibility to install cables in difficult places. With Cleerline SSF, you don’t need to worry about breaking your fiber anymore. Cleerline SSF fiber is constructed with a polymer coating which makes it stronger than traditional fibers.

Cleerline fiber can be terminated in 60 seconds

With Cleerline fiber, you don’t have to worry about all the time-consuming preparations you need to make before installing your cable. In fact, Cleerline fiber connectors are already pre-polished for you. In a recent study, it was estimated that working with Cleerline SSF saves up to 80% labor compared to traditional fibers. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in the video below. You don’t even need to measure how much fiber you need for your project, all you need is a reel of Cleerline fiber and their pre-polished connectors and cut whatever you need when you’re installing your security system.

A small investment for a huge timesaver

Why should great products always be expensive? Cleerline fiber is the perfect example that state-of-the-art technology can be affordable for everyone. All you need to do your job is a roll of Cleerline fiber, their pre-polished connectors, a pair of pliers, and their cleaver. No need to buy an expensive fusion splicer. Buy a roll of fiber, pull the length of cable you need for your installation, cut it, cleave it and you’re done!

Cleerline cleaver kit - SSF-FKIT02E security on site finishing

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We also are the official distributor of Belden cables for Belgium and Luxembourg and thus can offer you special discounts on a large range of standard security and safety cables.

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