CONTRIK Professional Power Distribution

Ayrton Launch 6

Contrik Power Distribution is a thought through professional power distribution system for the event area. Specifically for video walls, stage lighting and audio installations.  

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The Contrik Power Distribution system fits perfectly to the mobile and semi-permanent installations: 

  • Extremely rugged and durable solutions with high level of mechanical and environmental protection (IP, IK, flammability,..) 
  • Thought through housing design for easy handling and transport (compact, lightweight, stackable,  ..) 
  • Versatile mounting options  
  • High quality professional look & feel

Discover CONTRIK’s products:

15828 CPVT6RD Picture 01

Power Strips
Lightweight, compact, highly reliable and rugged power distribution strips – ready for stage

Power Turtles
Lightweight, compact, highly reliable and rugged power distribution and stage-ready “turtle” boxes

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17197 CPC63 C1 H4 CBM

Power Container
Power Container allows reduction of cabling effort & cost, circuit protection and power measurement

Power Racks
Power Rack Xtreme is a powerful and highly reliable distribution solution for installation in the 19” Rack. It is ideally suited for amplifier rack wiring application.

16965 CPR32 C2 T6F3 CB schraeg v2


CONTRIK is a brand of the Neutrik Group and a provider of professional power distribution systems, equipotential bonding systems and premium power cables.

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