Meet Dante – One Connection. Endless Possibilities.

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In this month’s news we introduce you to Dante and spotlight some of Neutrik’s products using this technology.

You will also find Neutrik’s latest Engineering Change Notifications (ECN) and Product Discontinuation Notices (PDN) at the end of this newsletter.

Dante, short for Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet, replaces all audio and video connections with a computer network, effortlessly sending video or hundreds of channels of audio over slender Ethernet cables with perfect digital fidelity.

Adopted by hundreds of manufacturers in thousands of products, Dante has become a standard for modern AV connectivity.

But how does it works ?

Audinate, which created Dante, explains it rather simply:

Because all devices share the same network, signals can be sent between any devices no matter where they are located on a site, with no change to the wiring at all. Dante systems are easily expanded, exactly as one might add a printer to a network. Just connect additional devices to any available network jack and start using it.

Now that you are familiar with Dante, let’s explore how Neutrik is integrating this technology into their products.


Meet Dante – One Connection. Endless Possibilities.

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All 3 versions benefits from improved audio parameters, are rack mountable and extremely robust and compact.

They also feature:

  • LED Ring for Status Indication
  • Enhanced ESD Protection
  • AES67 compliant

The 2I2O and 2O models can also feed non Dante ready amplifiers, speakers or mixing desks with signals from the Dante network
Additionally, they require a Power over Ethernet switch or a PoE injector (802.3 af/at; class 1)

We also provide the latest Engineering Change Notifications (ECN) and Product Discontinuation Notices (PDN)

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