Fiber Optic Maintenance

A Few Tips in Fiber Optic Maintenance rs

What can happen when the optical end face is dirty?

Optical connectors become contaminated from a variety of reasons, usually 2-15 micron sized contaminants will have an impact on the signal transmission and could cause damage to the optical end face.

Contamination in the core and cladding area of the end face is especially of concern as they can prevent the transmission of light signals and cause significant loss and reflections, but the ferrule area should also be clean as dirt can easily migrate to the core.

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“In a recent study, 98% of installers and 80% of network owners reported that issues with connector contamination was the greatest cause of network failure.”

Source of data NTT

When the unclean optical connector is mated, the contaminant is forced into the ferrule which may become permanently damaged. In this situation, the damage cannot be removed with an optical cleaner.

When contaminants adhere to the core, they will cause an increase in signal interruption, an increased amount of insertion loss and degradation of return loss.
Also, these kinds of contaminants can cause chips, pits, and scratches in the connector end face under the pressure of the physical connection. Large contaminants can result in gaps in the physical connection, resulting in increased loss. These kinds of contaminants can actually spread and migrate by the physical connection.

to prevent this:

Clean Before Connecting

Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning


Full Kit

go above and beyond

Inspect and Connect


The Smart Probe 2 allows technicians to inspect the fiber end faces, providing a high-definition image with an automatic Pass-Fail measurement!

Inspect the fibers before facing any issue. Making sure you will have a reliable connection.

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