Introducing HGXT²: HDMI 4K60 + Gigabit Fiber Optic Extender

HDMI 2.0 + Gigabit Ethernet Extender
HDMI 2.0 + Gigabit Ethernet Extender

As you surely have noticed, HDMI 2.0 is well implemented by now and the rise of 4K is unstoppable. This leaves customers with a handful of options for transmitting 18 Gbps HDMI signals over long distances. AOC (Active Optical Cable) is one solution but it is often very fragile and it does not exceed 100m. Another solution is to use extenders with dedicated rugged optical fiber, which is exactly what our HGXT² is. HGXT² is an HDMI extender over fiber with a RJ45 gigabit network link.

“When copper falls short, optical fiber takes over.”

HDMI Gigabit fiber optic extender

Key features

  • 4K @ 60Hz (4:4:4) with HDR
  • HDCP 2.2
  • RJ45 Port for Gigabit Network
  • Robust, compact & lightweight
  • opticalCON DUO (LC compatible)
  • Up to 500m (Multi mode only)
  • Status LED
  • Threaded nut for truss- or stand mounting

Full 4K and network anywhere you want

HDMI Gigabit fiber optic extender

Rudimentary simple, brutally effective.

HDMI Gigabit fiber optic extender - Data in

HDMI 2.0 + Gigabit

In addition to an HDMI 2.0 connection, the HGXT² is equipped with a Gigabit RJ45 link using single fiber technology, which means you can get both signals over a duplex fiber cable (like, for example, the opticalCON DUO X-TREME).

HDMI Gigabit fiber optic extender - power

Lockable power

All of our extenders are fitted with Neutrik’s powerCON TRUE1 TOP connectors. Thanks to the locking mechanism, power is delivered safely and reliably to the units.

HDMI Gigabit fiber optic extender - fiber out

opticalCON DUO

The XT² extenders always come with the opticalCON DUO connectors from Neutrik, providing a robust and high quality fiber connection every time.

HDMI Gigabit fiber optic extender - fiber out lc

LC Compatibility

The HGXT² is perfectly compatible with standard LC connectors. This gives customers the possibility to use already existing multi mode fiber infrastructure.

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