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Due to today’s situations, an increase for network & data cables needs are significantly on the rise. In order to provide the best cables for every single situation, Belram gather a various number of possibilities in its warehouse and is pleased to introduce you their best sellers.

But first of all, we know that it can be tricky to find your way with all the possible solutions on the market. This is why, in order to always provide our customer with the best service and best support, we wrote 2 tutorials on website, under the section “Tutorial & Guide”.
One which is explaining the various shielding for data/ethernet cables and one that explained the different network categories.
However, our team remain off course at your disposal if you want any further informations, quote, etc.

Belram’s EMX

CAT6A etherCON b-Line mobile professional ethernet & data cable

Belram developped is own cable lines, the b-Line serie.
In addition to stock our best seller, we can also provide any specific cables based on customers demands.

This is the perfect mix between Belden’s best cables and Neutrik etherCON, a robust metal shell lockable connector.

Sommer’s AquaMarinex

The AquaMarinex Series in Sommer’s super robust universal cable series for outdoor and wet area.
You must install a cable in an harsh environment, this cable is for you! Waterproof, anti-rodent, UV, Salt & Chlorine resistant, halogen-free and much more, this series are indestructible cable for installations in extreme conditions.

AquaMarinex Ethernet & Data cable true outdoor
Cables & connectors for data transmission

Belden’s 10GX

Belden Network & Data cable 10GX

Belden’s network/data cable is extremly broad.
But their 10GX series provide their customer with the best cables for indoor and building backbone instalation. 

The various variation of the 10GX will allow any customer to find its match. Differents shielding, category, those cables are also LSZH and CPR.

Questions & Stock

For more information regarding pricing, please contact Dimitri Zveny (FR) or John Mendrik (NL). Send them a quick email, they will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer. Or visit our contact page and send us an email from there.

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