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PowerCON’s serie & TOP’s range

Neutrik PowerCON's serie and TOP's range

Since 1964, Belram has been the leading distributor of connectors and
cables for professional audio, video, lighting and video applications.
power, control and network, copper or fibre, for the BeLux. Belram is, among other things, the exclusive importer of Neutrik and Belden-A/V or the Belgium and Luxembourg.
And today we want to introduce you Neutrik’s connectors that are a must in today’s industry!

Neutrik’s power connectors range for the Industry

Neutrik PowerCON versus CEE plug

Let us introduce you to the Neutrik range of power connectors, a range of compact, reliable, lockable and robust connectors. Neutrik has expanded its amazing range of connectors by introducing the powerCON® TRUE1 TOP, the powerCON® 20 A and the powerCON® 32 A.

Neutrik PowerCON serie

If you would like further information or technical details, please feel free to browse through our PowerCON® article.

Neutrik TOP's serie

Neutrik’s TOP series is THE fit for the Industry

Neutrik’s TOP Series (True Outdoor Protection) is a range of connectors that can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, dust, dirt and sun. In addition to being IP65 certified, they have also passed tests for UL50E Type 4 certification (including UV testing).

Neutrik PowerCON® TRUE1 TOP

Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP

These robust, compact and discreet power connectors have an IP65 protection rating and UL 50E certified outdoor protection (fully protected against dust and splash water).

  • IP65 in coupled condition (or with SCNAC-PX)
  • More compact design than EWC or Schuko
  • UV resistant
  • 16 A lockable connector
  • Chain in series possible (IN/OUT combination)
  • Complies with the new IEC 62368 standard

Neutrik EtherCON® TOP

The etherCON is simply the best solution for secure data connection, whether in fixed installations or for mobile use where a robust RJ45 connection is required. These connectors have a robust construction and offer protection against UV radiation and the ingress of water and dust.

Neutrik etherCON TOP
  • The RJ45 system for trucks
  • UV-resistant material
  • Outdoor protection according to IP65 and UL50E
  • A robust product

Neutrik XLR TOP

Neutrik XLR TOP

XLR TOP is the latest series of XLR connectors specially designed by Neutrik to offer better protection to the outside world. The new TOP connectors are not only IP65 certified, but also UL 50E/type 4 housing.

  • XLR heavy duty seals for harsh and demanding environments
  • Uses high impact UV resistant materials
  • IP65 rating and external protection certified according to UL 50E
  • Complies with the new IEC 62368 standard

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