Neutrik & MILAN

The Media Integrated Local Area Network


Neutrik is proud to be one of the first AVNU members that develops and promotes MILAN™ all over the world!

MILAN™ is a standards-baseduser-drivendeterministic network protocol for professional audio built on top of IEEE Audio Video Bridging (AVB) open standards to ensure that all Milan devices will work together on a Pro AV network.
MILAN™ is the Pro AV market-defined protocol and toolkit that provides manufacturers a specific set of rules and directives for products to be built with requirements for the network layer and the application layer including media streams, formats, clocking and redundancy, and thus once tested and certified, form a fully interoperable ecosystem for deterministic networking in the Pro AV market. 
Developed by the professional for the professional, MILAN™ offers 3 certitudes to its users: Safe & SecureEasy-to-use and Future Proof.


Neutrik has developed the MINEA® module, a 2×2 stream MILAN™-certified audio module, as a ready-to-go solution that allows manufacturers in the Pro Audio market to quickly and easily implement MILAN™ into their products.

Milan MINEA Belram

MINEA®’s audio specifications

  • Sampling depth: 32 bit
  • Sampling rates: 48 kHz/96 kHz/192 kHz
  • Audio latency: 0.5 ms
  • Audio channels: max. 32 channels per Module
  • Audio streams: max. 4 streams per Module

MINEA® Development Set

With the MINEA®, Neutrik is offering their customers a one-time investment to design their own dedicated MINEA® modules which will perfectly match the customer needs.

MINEA® Development Set

  • 2x Evaluation Board
  • 15x MINEA Module
  • 40 hours of direct technical support from R&D in Liechtenstein
  • Access to Backstage Online Portal with technical documentation
  • Implementation Test Tool
  • Entering the fascinating world of MILAN®
MINEA Devellopement set

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