Neutrik opticalCON DRAGONFLY

Next Generation SMPTE Camera Cable

Neutrik DrgaonFly

The DRAGONFLY range features the male and female cable connector and their chassis counter parts.

Robust, reliable, easy

Neutrik’s opticalCON DRAGONFLY is more rugged, reliable and has a simplified maintenance compared to common hybrid camera signal transmission systems. With technology based on fiber lenses and fusion splicing, Neutrik’s DRAGONFLY achieves a very well protected signal with minimal loss. The optical connection is exceptionally well shielded against dirt and dust thanks to its lenses and additional sealing covers.


Fast & efficient maintenance

What if I told you that you can drop your connector in the sand and, in just a few seconds, resume whatever video you were broadcasting? Well, with the opticalCON DRAGONFLY, you can! All you need to clean it from dust is a can of compressed air and water. But don’t take our word for it. Play the video and see for yourself.

Fabio Röllin, Product Manager Fiber Optic Solutions at Neutrik AG, introduces the brand-new opticalCON DRAGONFLY at the IBC Show 2019.

Switching to DRAGONFLY is easy

The opticalCON DRAGONFLY is easy to integrate with your current equipment. It uses the same cut-outs as any other standard broadcast connectors. Did you know that Sony and Grass Valley equipped their cameras with the opticalCON DRAGONFLY? Click here to read more about it.

Grass Valley DragonFly

Field serviceable

Perhaps Neutrik’s greatest innovation with the DRAGONFLY is the capability for your team to repair your cables in the field. It can be time-consuming and expensive to send your cable back to the manufacturer when it is broken. Neutrik designed the perfect solution to eliminate this problem. Meet the field repair/assembly toolkit. You don’t even need special technicians for that. Repair your cable in the field in 30 min, max. 45 min.

Fabio Röllin demonstrates how to repair a cable with the field assembly repair kit.

Best value for money

Last but not least, DRAGONFLY offers the best value for money on the market. It might seem like a costly investment at first, but once you start adding up the costs of maintenance (people, cleaning time per Project/Person, Projects per Year, etc.) of other products, DRAGONFLY is actually a better investment than other camera connectors on the market. Take a look at the diagram, you will see that after only one year the DRAGONFLY is already less expensive to maintain than other SPMTE connectors.

To compare the costs of maintenance between DRAGONFLY and alternatives, download Neutrik’s DRAGONFLY Business Case – Sales Comparison excel file.

DragonFly investment


If there is one thing you should remember from all this is that the opticalCON DRAGONFLY is easier to maintain than common hybrid camera signal transmission systems with almost the same performance. And don’t hesitate to check out our articles for further information: Product Presentation & Article.

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