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Neutrik product evolution has accelerated in recent years. This newsletter showcases Neutrik’s flow of new products and product enhancements. Discontinuations of older products continue as the new and improved products replace the older ones.

These changes are both innovative and necessary. Often, improvements are related to compliance and standards such as IEC/UL 62368-1 and the increasing technological sophistication of AV equipment. The growth of digital technology has brought AV and IT together. Neutrik products move forward with these changes. 

News from Neutrik

1/4″ Plugs

New XX series straight silentPLUG

Neutrik’s silentPLUG—known and loved for decades by guitarists, bass players, and sound professionals for its noiseless connection of instruments to amplifiers and other audio inputs—enters its third generation with the new NP2XX-SILENT straight plugs.

The Neutrik silentPLUG prevents pops, rattling, and squealing noises when plugging and unplugging instruments such as electric guitars and basses. With its refreshed design, the new XX-series silentPLUG is easier to handle and better protected against impacts. The housing offers an upgraded design, which is shock resistant and slip proof, featuring soft grip zones in its two-component housing.     


Simultaneous to the introduction of the new NP2XX-SILENT straight plugs, the former NP2X-AU-SILENT plugs are discontinued

powerCON® blue/grey and speakON® 2- and 4-pole XX series transition

Neutrik has significantly upgraded both powerCON blue/grey and speakON over the last few years. A raft of improvements includes:

  • IEC 60320-1 certification for powerCON blue/grey, with circuit breaking capacity for the newest connectors;
  • For powerCON and speakON, new anti-kink gasketing, improved assembly, and two-compound housings on the cable connectors;
  • New materials and revised contacts in both lines, meeting all the requirements of IEC / UL 62368-1.

Cross references of prior part numbers to new ones, along with discussions of the new connectors’ improvements, are provided in these new powerCON blue/grey and speakON transition documents.

17088 NAC3FXXA W L view 45 degree
17103 NL4FXX W S view 45 degree

The recent transitions of powerCON and speakON 2- and 4-pole cable connectors to the XX series are discussed in this powerCON PDN and this speakON PDN.

Product Notifications and Discontinuations

Change to blue color of powerCON NAC3MPXXA* chassis connectors

See this ECN for a color change to NAC3MPXXA* chassis connectors. This change is driven by material availability.

Discontinuation of prior-generation powerCON TRUE1 TOP protection covers

See this PDN for the discontinuation and replacement of SCNAC-FPX, SCNAC-MPX, and SCNAC-PX by SCNAC-03, SCNAC-01, and SCNAC-04 respectively.

Discontinuation of prior-generation SCDP-* gaskets

See this PDN for the discontinuation of SCDP-0/2/4/5/6/9 by SCDP-FX-0/2/4/5/6/9.

Discontinuation of low-runner products

See this PDN for the discontinuation of DHNM-BAG, NC4FP-BAG-1, NC5FP-BAG-1, and NC6FP-BAG-1. Recommended alternatives are included in the document.

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