Noise Monitoring Automated System Self-Test


The measurement microphone of a noise monitor is permanently exposed to the weather. This might impair the microphone capsule and its performance. Therefore, NoiseScout offers an automated system self-test (CIC).
The complete signal chain may be verified periodically, remotely, and without removing the microphone from site. Thus, precise sound level measurements are ensured. This test also produces an alarm in case of any unexpected issues, like cable or microphone defects.


The automated self-test is supported by the new M2340 Measurement Microphone in combination with the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The M2340 looks and performs very much the same as the popular M2230 Measurement Microphone, it just adds the self-test functionality.

NoiseScout supports the system self-test in Managed Mode and Gateway Mode. The minimum requirements are:

  • M2340 Measurement Microphone 
  • XL2 Sound Level Meter with firmware V4.60 or higher
  • ASD Cable 5 m
  • NetBox with firmware V2.70 or higher
m2230 m2340

M2340 Microphone Features

  • System Self-Test enabled
  • Low power consumption
  • Specifications like M2230 with dynamic range 17 dB(A) – 138 dB
  • Consists of MA230 Microphone PreAmplifier and MC230A Microphone Capsule
  • Forms Outdoor Measurement Microphone M2340-WP in combination with Weather Protection WP30

RTC Battery Replacement

All XL2 Analyzers have a small internal battery installed. This powers the real time clock (RTC), and ensures the accurate display of the date and time on the instrument and in the measurement reports, even if the device has been powered down for a period of time.

This, so called, RTC battery is soldered on to the internal circuit board. The typical battery lifetime is 8-9 years. In order to ensure reliable and continuous operation of the XL2 Analyzers, we recommend that all instruments older than 8 years are returned for battery replacement. For convenience, this service may be combined with the recommended annual calibration of the XL2 Sound Level Meter.

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