NTi XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer

We would like to introduce our favorite Sound Level Meter: the NTi Audio XL2.
The hand-held XL2 Analyzer is a powerful Sound Level Meter, a professional Acoustic Analyzer and a precision Audio Analyzer in one instrument. In conclusion it’s easy to operate and it features countless applications!

XL2 Sound Level Meter

Switch on – Good to go

This instrument is ready to measure literally seconds after you press the power button. Above all, the intuitive navigation and flexible user interface assist in simplifying every task. In addition, the XL2 provides an extensive range of measurement functions.

Ready for any challenge

The XL2 was developed according to user needs: therefore it provides reliable measurement solutions for sound system installations, noise control, architectural acoustics, evacuation systems, live events, quality inspection and occupational health and safety. In conclusion, discover an instrument you can trust for specialist applications (Safety, Electroacoustic, Broadcast, Noise, Quality Control, …).

NTi XL2 Functions

NTi XL2 Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter

The most important XL2 features are sound levels, frequency and time weightings as well as correction values. It is also possible to record WAV files and voice notes.


The XL2 can perfectly serve as a Real Time Analyzer. Indeed, it can work with different octave resolutions, frequency and time weightings. In option, percentile statistics for Lxy are also available.

NTi XL2 Acoustic Analyzer

Acoustic Analyzer

Default features: FFT Analysis, RT60 Reverberation Time,  Polarity,  Delay Time
Optional features: Speech Intelligibility STIPA , 1/12 Octave band analysis, Fast Frequency Response, Noise Curves

Analog Audio Analyzer

Most important features: Level RMS / THD+N, Audio Spectrum, Oscilloscope

Analog Audio Analyzer

But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Analog Audio Analyzer:
Level RMS / THD+N, Audio Spectrum, Oscilloscope

Vibration Meter:
This option turns the XL2 into a professional vibration meter allowing measurements for acceleration, velocity, displacement along with FFT analysis and a scope function.

XL2 Options

Extend your NTi XL2 with more features to meet your needs:

  • Extended Acoustic Pack
  • Spectral Limits Option
  • Speech Intelligibility STIPA Option
  • Cinema Meter Option 
  • Type Approval Option
  • Vibration Option


NTi Audio offers a wide variation of software tailored to analyze specific measurements

  • Data Explorer 
  • Sound Insulation & Sound Power Reporter 
  • Room Acoustics
  • Projector Pro
  • Remote Measurement 
  • Speaker & Microphone Tests
  • STI Reporting Tool (for STIPA)

Complete Kits & Accessories

Measurement Set

The dedicated Measurement Set for your application includes:

  • Protective system case 
  • XL2 Audio and Acoustic analyzer
  • Measurement Microphone
  • Firmware options and accessories according to your needs (for ex. MR-PRO signal generator, Talkbox, Flexus FX100, etc.)

Outdoor Measurement Kit

A tailored solution for outdoor noise monitoring:

  • Heavy duty outdoor case 
  • M2230-WP outdoor microphone 
  • XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer


NTi provides a wide range of accessories suited for your application.

See all accessories

NTi XL2 Overview – Basics

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