NTi – XL3 Acoustic Analyzer

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The XL3 includes an integrated web server and file server accessible through the instrument’s built-in Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity. Just use your preferred web browser and connect to the sound level meter through the NTi Connect service.

The instrument can be controlled by an authorized user from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, you can connect directly to the device’s IP Address through your local network – e.g., in building acoustics, the impact sound level measurement can be started directly from the sending room

All measurement data can be easily downloaded without interruption to an ongoing measurement. To log prevailing weather conditions, a weather station can be added. Additionally, the online XL3 synchronizes to the actual time automatically using the ntp protocol. This and the optional APIs for controlling the instrument to retrieve historical and current noise, audio and weather data simplifies the integration into monitoring systems.


XL3 Options

  • Noise Measurements
  • Room Acoustics
  • Building Acoustics
  • Data Explorer Software License
  • Sound Insulation Reporter Software License
  • NTi Connect 365
  • API Interface
  • Types Approval
  • Room Acoustics Reporter Software License
XL3 SLM Spectrum macro4

Live Demo

NTi Connect mobileDevices online

Interested by a live demo of the XL3? Contact us, so we can directly schedule a demo.

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