NTi XL3 Update


More Useful Functions for the XL3 Sound Level Meter

The latest firmware update for your XL3 Sound Level Meter is available. As always, free of charge and with many new features – easy and convenient to install with just a few clicks on the device itself.


Synchronization of Measurement Data in the Cloud

With the File Push service, measurement data files, reports, audio recordings and screenshots are automatically saved to a cloud drive or SFTP server of your choice.

This means that all important data is immediately available on your computer for further use or archiving – you don’t even have to take the XL3 out of its case to set this up.  This feature is available free of charge to all XL3 users.

Level Time History

This allows a detailed view of the level curves in three different resolutions. The level data is optionally recorded and displayed in 100ms or 1s intervals. This function is included in the “Extended Noise Measurement” option.


“Ciao” and “Hola”

In addition to English, German, and French, Italian and Spanish can now be selected as user languages. More languages are being prepared and will follow soon.

Additional standard for Sound Insulation Measurements 

With the “Sound Insulation” Option, the “Document E” standard for airborne and impact sound measurements is now supported in addition to ISO 16283. This is mainly used in the United Kingdom. Other standards will follow in the near future.

The new firmware V1.20 is now available to all XL3 users free of charge. The update is conveniently started directly on the XL3. The download and the installation run automatically.
See here how it works.

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