PMXT² – Portable Fiber Attenuation Monitoring Solution

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We would like to present to you the latest addition to our XT² product range: the PMXT².
The PMXT² allows you to automatically monitor all the fibers of your opticalOCN DUO and QUAD in field applications.

The set consists of two units: one featuring the powerMONITOR and the other one housing the optical light source and fiber splitter. Audible and visual alarms can be set up on a chosen threshold to constantly monitor the optical signal quality and detect losses (or attenuation) in the fiber link.

PMXT² display 1

Built for heavy duty use, the set is housed in a ruggedized aluminum enclosure, featuring carrying handles for easy handling. Furthermore, the kit comes with a sturdy flight case for storage, power cables and cleaning tools that are included in the set.

PMXT² kit 1

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