Sommer Cable: Price List & Cat8.1

Sommer has just send us a new price list, which will be applied starting from
01/07/2023 !

Every order placed before Friday 4pm, will be with the current’s prices.

Sommer CAT 8.1 installation solutions

SC CAT81 row

A solutions for high-performance network connections with up to 40 Gbit transmission rates and max. bandwidths of 2000 MHz

The new CAT.8.1 network cable from Sommer cable supports a maximum transmission frequency of 2000 MHz (doubled compared to its CAT.7!), as well as a data rate of up to 40 Gbit/s and is suitable for setting up high-speed Ethernet networks in building infrastructure, especially for the connection between routers and switches.

The CAT. 8.1 network cable 580-0802FC in a halogen-free LSZH jacket with an overall diameter of 8.2 mm and AWG22/1 cross-section (0.62 mm) including a high fire protection class B2ca (flame retardant, low heat release).

It has an high-quality double shielding of individually shielded wire pairs (PimF) plus overall braiding of tinned copper, ensuring optimum, lost-free signal transmission, which provides for running lengths of 30 m maximum.

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