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As the world eagerly awaits the commencement of the Summer Olympics, NTi Audio stands ready to once again make a difference on the global stage. With its unrivaled precision and reliability, NTi Audio’s technology promises to elevate the audio experience for athletes, spectators, and organizers alike, setting a new standard for excellence in sound management at major sporting events.

The Power of Precision in Audio

In the high-stakes environment of international sporting competitions, every detail matters. From the roar of the crowd to the crisp clarity of announcements, audio quality plays a pivotal role in shaping the spectator experience and ensuring the smooth operation of events.

This is where NTi Audio steps in.


Reverberation time is a key criterion for speech intelligibility. Many of us will have experienced live commentary or announcements in a highly reverberant indoor space.

NTi Audio RT60 result 800x200
The table demonstrates how, with increasing reverberation time, the speech transmission index decreases

Measuring reverberation time effectively in large arenas can be challenging. It requires not only a precise and user-friendly instrument but also a powerful sound source to distribute the test signal throughout the room. NTi Audio addresses this need with the DS3 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker, which is designed to emit sound uniformly in all directions, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
The results of these measurements are displayed directly on the XL2 Acoustics Analyzer, allowing for immediate identification of areas that fail to meet acoustic standards.

XL2 screen RT60 Reverberation Time

This direct reading capability eliminates the need for data post-processing, significantly streamlining the measurement process and reducing the time required to evaluate the arena’s acoustics.

Tackling ambient noise

Assessing the impact of ambient noise on speech clarity has always been a complicated task, mainly because emitting a test signal at appropriate levels amidst a crowd during live events is impractical.
To address this challenge, NTi Audio has introduced an innovative solution to correct for the influence of ambient noise. An acoustician begins by measuring the speech transmission index, STIPA, in an unoccupied arena. This measurement is then adjusted by incorporating the ambient noise levels recorded during events with spectators present.

This approach allows for a realistic evaluation of speech intelligibility in a typical event setting, effectively reconciling the gap between theoretical models and actual conditions.

STIPA Background Noise 410 231

Noise curves are very easy to measure and can be read directly from the
XL2 Acoustic Analyzer, eliminating the need to cross-reference the frequency spectrum.

The standards evolve,
and so should your equipment

the international standard IEC 60268-16 on speech intelligibility indices has been refined over the years to correct for speech intelligibility indices at higher sound pressure levels.

NTi Audio Comparison IEC60268 16 Editions 450x300
XL2 screen STIPA Speech Intelligibility korr

STIPA measurement function with real-time sound pressure level display now supports ed5.0 standard

Get the upgrade

The NTi Audio XL3 Acoustic Analyzer represents a significant upgrade from the XL2, thanks to several advanced features and enhancements that improve functionality, user experience, and versatility in various acoustic measurement scenarios.

Learn more about the NTi AUdio XL3 in our extensive product presentation

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