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With Neutrik wireless MIMO XIRIUM PRO, you can now easily set up any imaginable sound system. Your only limitation is your imagination !

Xirium Pro guideline

Unfortunately, even if 2020 is finally over, we are still impacted by it.
Indeed, one of Neutrik’s supplier (which was providing a key component for the XIRIUM PRO) cannot provide anymore!
In other words, Neutrik decided not to update their current version of the XIRIUM PRO but rather wait and develop a brand new version later.

In the meantime, the XIRIUM PRO is now end of series and we offer you a liquidation price: Every XIRIUM PRO product is at -40%
Nevertheless, be reassured, Neutrik will, off course, provide their support and warranty.

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Get the signal that you need where you need it!

Breaking wireless barriers

Xirium Pro Wall example

When running a cable just won’t do

Xirium Pro Multiple Input example

Demos & Stock

For more information regarding pricing, please contact Dimitri Zveny (FR) or John Mendrik (NL). Send them a quick email, they will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer. If desired, they can also show you a live demo of the XIRIUM PRO. Contact them to make an appointment. Or visit our contact page and send us an email from there

Dimitri Zveny
+32 479 41 56 30

John Mendrik
+32 474 30 66 51

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