Xirium Pro

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With Neutrik wireless MIMO Xirium Pro, you can now easily set up any imaginable sound system. Your only limitation is your imagination !

Using the Digital Wireless Audio (DiWA) technology developed by Neutrik, we are able to provide you with an amazing wireless system with studio sound quality (equivalent to cable quality!).

Neutrik developed a proprietary protocol which ensures that signals are being sent continuously once a line is established. In other words, even if the Xirium Pro works at Super High Frequency (less commonly used frequencies), the other 802.11 devices will keep quiet, as they will see the channel being continuously busy.

  • Works on SHF (5GHz for the Xirium Pro)
  • Indoor/Outdoor environment (IP54)
  • FEC algorithm allows the Xirium to handle 17 packets in a row before being ‘out of range’
  • XROC: eXtreme Ruggedized One Channel

Don’t lose any more time and money in awkward cable solutions, go wireless in a few steps.

  • No license required (5GHz = license free !)
  • Memory function which simplifies the setup for future projects
  • Automatic frequency management
  • Software App which allows you to optimize your transmission and do live monitoring (delay time, signal strength, battery power, …)
  • Modular I/O concept

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