Neutrik NPS-30W
30W PoE Injector

NPS-30W is Neutrik’s answer to increasing demand for PoE injectors. It is the world’s first PoE injector made for harsh stage conditions, with lockable power and network connectors. NPS-30W is a convenient companion for any PoE application, not just Neutrik’s network products.


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Features & Benefits

  • Perfect use with Neutrik network devices, such as the NA2-IO-DPRO, etc.
  • For use with any other network device, that requires PoE supply
  • Lockable power and network connectors
  • Heavy duty PoE supply for rugged stage conditions
  • 30W PoE budget
  • 1 Gbps speed
  • 48 V DC power output
  • Different mounting options (rack, truss, floor box, table mounting)

As a passive Power Sourcing Equipment device, NPS-30W acts like a classic power supply, requiring no power negotiation with attached powered devices. NPS-30W’s total power budget of 30W allows it to simultaneously power, for example, up to 4 NA2-IO-DPROs in daisy-chain mode, making NPS-30W ideal for various scenarios such as ambient miking.

All available mounting accessories for Neutrik’s network devices – for rack, truss, floor box, and table mounting – are compatible with NPS-30W.

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