Bluebell BCX-760
Portable Camera Fiber Link

  • Portable Fibre Link
  • 3G-SDI, Audio, Data, Genlock, GbE


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The BCX-760 is a new portable fibre interface designed for use in Outside Broadcast and special events. A mixture of video and audio signals are combined to provide a flexible and cost effective solution for many production applications. The BCX-760CB is specifically designed to mount on the back of a broadcast camera offering full comms, control and genlock plus bidirectional 3G-SDI  signals. Each unit is supplied in a compact lightweight enclosure making it ideal for the smallest studio/ENG cameras.

The BCX-760SA is a stand alone version with a small footprint designed for use with the latest compact cameras. It can easily be mounted on a tripod or robotic head to provide seamless  integration of remote robotic cameras into a full live production. The BCX-760B can used stand alone or rack mounted and is offered in a single or dual channel 1RU 19” format.

The 3G-SDI signals are fully SMPTE compliant and pass all pathological signals for optimal signal performance and minimal jitter and eye pattern degradation. The highest grade optical components are used throughout the construction to retain maximum optical integrity. Audio I/O is supported for communications and audio levels are SMPTE compliant as standard.

An Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T link provides the ability for control or simple IP connectivity over the same physical link. RS serial data can be used for full camera control with a genlock link to provide sync signals over the link.

Fibre connectivity is via singlemode Neutrik OpticalCON DUO as standard.

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