Bluebell BlueLite
Camera interface

  • Camera crane fiber link interface
  • 3G-SDI, Data, Audio, Genlock


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The BlueLite is a new compact camera interface designed for use with popular compact and portable camera cranes and jibs. A mixture of video and audio signals are combined to provide a flexible and cost effective solution for many production applications.

Each unit is supplied in a rugged unit suitable for the rigours of repeated rigging and de-rigging.

The 3G-SDI signals are fully SMPTE compliant and pass all pathological signals for optimal signal performance and minimal jitter and eye pattern degradation. A genlock signal also provides the  ability to lock remote cameras to a central reference.

BlueLite is a particularly cost effective solution for 3D camera applications.

Fibre connectivity is via singlemode Neutrik OpticalCON DUO as standard.

The Base end can also be replaced with a combination of cards from the BC Series range should a 19” rack based solution be required for a truck or CAR.

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BlueLite Datasheet

BlueLite Quick Start Guide V1.0