Cleerline SSF-48UHD-AOC
8K HDMI Active Optical Cable


  • 4K, 5K, 8K, and 10K resolution.
  • Active optical fiber transmission at full 48Gbps bandwidth, max 120 fps/Hz.
  • HDR, Variable Refresh Rate.
  • ARC + eARC up to 20 meters, ARC only 30 meters (98.4 ft).
  • Plenum-rated jacket for in-wall installation.

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Cleerline’s SFF-48UHD-AOC is the world’s first 8K HDMI cable to go as far as 30 meters…

Cleerline’s brand new cable is unique on the market. Until now, no 120hz HDMI cable could go as far as 30 meters. This cable comes with all the features you love, including High Dynamic Range and a 48 Gbps bandwidth with a frame rate of maximum 120 Hz.

SSF™ technology explained

Stronger. Safer. Faster. Cleerline’s SSF™ technology is what makes possible to transmit an HDMI signal at 48 Gbps up to 30 meters. But what is this SSF™ technology anyway?

Cleerline SSF™ is all about the construction of the cable. The cable is made of 4 strands of fiber optic glass alongside copper wire. The main strength of SSF™ fiber is the polymer coating Cleerline adds to the glass. As a result, the fiber becomes much more durable and flexible than traditional fiber optic cable. In fact, SSF™ cables have 10,000 times the bend capacity and up to 200 times the durability over traditional fiber.

Comparison chart of SSF™ and traditional fiber.

Comparison chart of SSF™ and traditional fiber.

Learn more about Cleerline SSF™ technology on our presentation page.

Why should you buy this cable?

The advantage of Cleerline’s 120Hz HDMI cable is that you don’t need to buy an HDMI over fiber extender to transmit your signal on mid-range distances. You might find other 8K HDMI cables available on the market. However, none of them can currently go as far as 30 meters. Lastly, Cleerline’s HDMI cables have the additional advantage of being robust due to the polymer coating protecting the glass inside the fiber. So, if you’re looking for a good alternative over traditional HDMI active optical cables, this one might just do it for you.

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