D-SUB HD 15 pin male, cable or panel mount, screw terminal


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D-sub connectors with screw terminal connection for cable or panel mounting. Available in 9-pin D-sub and 15-pin high density D-sub versions. The Phoenix connection blocks provide screw terminals with spring leaves for better clamping, and accept solid wires from 0.25mm – 1.29mm diameter or stranded wires –

They can be panel mounted in a standard D-sub 9 pin aperture, or cable mounted using the special retrofit, snap-on, ‘clamshell’ style cover. The cover has a cable clamp which accepts cables 3.25mm – 12.5mm diameter, and can also be used as a strain relief in panel mount applications. A ‘half-hood’ can be optionally used in panel-mount applications or as a skeletal cable mount cover when space is limited, to provide a cable support and strain relief tie-off. Both hoods are supplied complete with a pair of knurled thumbscrews.

The 9-pin type has terminals marked 1 to 9, the 15-pin type is marked R,G,B,H and V plus their respective grounds. When panel mounted, depth is 25mm without the cover.

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