Flexible RG58 C/U LL Coax (HF, Antenne, 50 Ohm) with Hicon BNC

These RG cables boast remarkable versatility across numerous applications. Renowned for their exceptional resistance to aging and extended service lifespan, RG (Radio Guide) cables adhere to the rigorous standards outlined in the American MIL-C-17 specification. Initially crafted for military purposes, this standard ensures unparalleled manufacturing precision and durability. RG cables excel in various high-frequency transmission scenarios, notably in transmitter and receiver systems, electronics, and data transmission.


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  • Extremely long service life thanks to age-resistant sheathing
  • Constant and precise electrical values
  • Easy to process
  • Suitable for all standardised connectors


  • For data transmission
  • In high-frequency technology
  • In antenna construction
  • For fixed installation
  • HiFi connections
  • In computer technology

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