Instrument cable with Mini jack 3,5mm male Stereo – 2 x XLR 3p. male (HICON)

Compact, lightweight, and easy on your wallet, this new series of visually appealing premade connection cables from SOMMER CABLE and HICON comes in two designs. Thanks to automation and modern assembly, we can offer them at very favorable prices. We use high-quality in-house bulkware cable with a robust, cold-flexible Soft-PVC jacket and professional-grade electrical specifications. The connectors feature newly developed, lightweight, and rugged “Soft-Grip” designs. These cables are perfect for compact DJ mixing consoles, desktop synthesizers, and tablets, providing a lightweight and space-saving solution.

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  • Lightweight, compact and temperature-resistant cable connections
  • Color coding (6.3 mm / 1/4“ jack plug and XLR connector)
  • High-quality connectors with thousands of mating cycles, equal to the HICON pro-audio and broadcast version
  • Insulated soldering contacts in connectors and Y-splayings
  • Hard gold-plated tips or pins
  • Favorably priced due to a modern, automated production process
  • 5-year warranty


  • Perfect cable connection for keyboards, home cinema systems, desktop synthesizers and tablets
  • Compact, color-coded connection for DJ mixing desks
  • Reliable, shielded connection for active studio monitors and computer speakers
  • Cost-efficient, lightweight cable connections for patchbays and racks
  • Durable cables for fixed installations

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