Neutrik NAO2*-SFP-LC
Sealing Accessories

  • The opticalCON Transceiver Adapter connects an opticalCON chassis (NO2-4FDW*) and a LC SFP transceiver. NAO2*-SFP-LC consists of two LC-SFP adapters, 2 flat gaskets (1mm and 2mm) and one NO2-4FDW-A without copper contacts.


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Features & Benefits

  • Eases design integration of the opticalCON chassis connectors (NO2-4FDW*) in combination with SFP transceivers
  • Compatible with all LC SFP transceivers
  • Automatic sealing shutter of the opticalCON avoids transceiver soiling
  • Enables use of rugged opticalCON or conventional LC connectors
  • Avoids vandalism, opticalCON “protects” the transceiver

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