Neutrik NE8FAH-M-Gb-LR-DAE
etherCON halo series

etherCON receptacle integrating the Neutrik unique Halo feature and asymmetric non-metallic push tab.

etherCON Magnetics are horizontal PCB etherCON chassis connectors with integrated magnetics providing galvanic isolation and overvoltage protection.

These features save PCB space within the device design and provide improved frequency response when compared to standard designs.

Attention: this product is strictly not intended for use in PoE systems. Use in PoE systems may damage the connector. 


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Features & Benefits

  • Integrated magnetics circuitry within the chassis connector
  • Space-saving design, as it removes the need for HF part otherwise required on the customer motherboard.
  • Components used: transformers, ferrite core and Bob Smith termination for the automatic termination in case of no cable connection
  • Saving costs on PCB (~20 parts)
  • Support voltage mode applications
  • In case of overvoltage harm, the connector can be exchanged, and the main board is still safe.
  • Cat 5e (100Mbits and 1Gbits) transmission performance according to IEEE 802.3, 802.3b, and 802.3ab standards
  • Lowest crosstalk attenuation with the use of machined-designed transformer
  • Overvoltage protection up to 2 kV.
  • Ground-panel connection
  • Overvoltage protection >2 kV for 1Gb/s available via optional customer-installed capacitor

Note: not compatible with etherCON Cat 6 NE8MC6-MO

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