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Neutrik NE8FDP-TOP
etherCON® TOP

RJ45 feedthrough receptacle, combined with sealing kit SE8FD-TOP, D-shape metal flange with the latch lock, mounting screws included.

The etherCON series is a ruggedized and lockable RJ45 connector system, optimized for pro audio, video and lighting network applications. The chassis connectors are shaped to fit into standardized panels out of the entertainment industry. The D-series offers the most rugged design of the etherCON series and is perfectly suitable for panel mount and the installer market.

ATTENTION: Does not intermate with CAT6 cable connector NE8MC6-MO and NKE6S* cables.

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Features and Benefits

  • TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION according to IP65 & UL50E
  • Uses high impact UV-resistant and gasket materials
  • Outdoor protection when mated with NE8MX-TOP or sealing cap closed
  • Accomodates NE8MCX* or any standard RJ45 plug
  • Class D or CAT5e according to ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA
  • Approved latch lock system
  • Mountable from the front of the panel
  • Ground panel connection

Neutrik NE8MX-TOP

Rugged cable connector

Neutrik NE8FDH-C5E-TOP

Chassis for horizontal PCB mounting

Neutrik NE8FDP-TOP

Chassis for feedthrough (rear female RJ45)

Neutrik NE8FDV-TOP

Chassis for vertical PCB mounting

Why TOP Series ?

Whether you are working with LAN signals, digital audio (EtherSound, Cobranet, Roland Digital Audio, Dante..) or digital video, a secure connection is of the upmost importance.

With the TOP series this high quality connection can be implemented in permanent outdoor installations without fear of having the equipment suffer from harsh conditions.

Standard RJ45 Plug etherCON® etherCON® TOP
Field of use Indoor Indoor, outdoor Indoor, outdoor
Latch protection Weak to none Yes Yes
Harsh Environment - Yes Yes
IP Protection - IP54 (with SE8FD sealing kit) IP65 (in mated condition)
UV Resistant - - Yes
Weather resistant - - Yes