OpticalCON DUO X-TREME Multimode (no drum)

Neutrik have improved on the original opticalCON with the introduction of the opticalCON ADVANCED range. All ADVANCED cable connectors have an extremely rugged protective rubber coating with integral anti-kink strain-relief boot and a rubber-coated metal, latching cap attached by a steel lanyard.


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Multimode (MM), 50/125 micron, PC style assemblies are available as well as singlemode (SM), 9/125 micron, assemblies, in either PC or APC style. Please note that LC cables fitted to the rear of the chassis connector MUST match the mating opticalCON QUAD assembly type. Connections between MM 50 micron and either 62.5 micron or other fibre sizes may cause losses of 3dB or more.