Neutrik NL2FXX-W-S
speakON 2

2 pole speakON cable connector, screw terminal assembly, chuck type strain relief for cable diameters 6 to 12 mm

speakON connectors are the industry-standard for loudspeaker connections. This product series offers extremely reliable and robust cable connectors with a proven twist lock system. speakON cable connectors feature solid contacts with screw-type terminals including a stranded wire protection.

This product replaces the NL2FX as part of the new Neutrik FXX series.

🛈 Also available in bulk version of 100 pieces (Neutrik NL2FXX-W-S-D)


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Features & Benefits

  • Mates with 2-pole chassis connector as well as 4-pole chassis connector (contacts +1/-1)
  • Ergonomic design with slip-proof two-component molded housing
  • Up to 37 A rms current rating
  • Unique Neutrik locking bushing and strain relief for cable diameters 6 mm to 12 mm
  • IEC 61984 certified, thus accepted as a component of equipment acc. to IEC 62368-1
  • Superior NEUTRIK quality standard, extremely robust and reliable
  • Easy and reliable twist lock system
  • Easy to assemble because the strain relief locks with the insert mechanically and aligns with the housing
  • Improved kink protection by two-component bushing

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