Neutrik NLJ2MD-H
speakON Combo

2 pole combination of speakON socket and 1/4″ jack receptacle, horizontal pcb mount, same pcb footprint and panel cut out as NL4MD-H

First speakON / jack hybrid panel mount connector combining the speakON chassis connector with a 1/4″ 2 pole jack socket permitting connection using either type of plug. The speakON Combo mates with all 2- and 4-pole speakON cable connectors and 1/4″ jack plugs utilizing 2 contacts.


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Features & Benefits

  • Combined speakON D size receptacle and 1/4″ jack
  • Save rack space and costs by combining 2 connectors in one housing
  • Mates with two types of connectors offering greater flexibility of interconnections
  • Rear panel mount
  • PA-wiring: 1 is connected to Tip, 1- to Sleeve

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Technical drawing NLJ2MD-H