Neutrik opticalCON DUO LITE
2 fibers semi-rugged

2 channel fiber system, improved bending performance due to new fiber design, black matt outer jacket, available in multi- and single-mode (PC or APC). Designed for temporary and permanent installations.

Besides extreme applications there is also a demand for quality fiber connections for applications as e.g. patching, the interconnection of devices, or permanent installations. Such applications require a focus on costs and a sealing shutter is not required. The opticalCON DUO LITE offers high performance and a cost effective, compact, and light weight design. It is fully compatible with the standard opticalCON DUO chassis connector.


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  • Ruggedized 2 channel fiber optic connection system
  • Cost optimized fiber connection for semi and permanent installation
  • Waterproof acc. to IP65 safety standard in mated condition
  • Lightweight plastic housing
  • Reliable Push-Pull locking mechanism
  • Easy to clean, no special tools required
  • Compatible with standard opticalCON DUO chassis NO2-4FDW-A*
  • Tactical patch cable

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