Neutrik opticalCON SPLIT

Multichannel (up to 12 channel) cable solution based on opticalCON DUO, QUAD or MTP®. Excellent cable retention due to aramid yarn, black PUR outer jacket.

The opticalCON cable connector accommodates PC optical channels based on conventional and proven LC or MTP® connectivity protected by a ruggedized and durable all-metal housing. It features a spring loaded push-pull locking mechanism and an excellent cable retention utilizing aramid yarn. The optical connection is exceptional well protected against dirt and dust by an automatically operated sealing cover.

The cable connector comes pre-assembled and is not available as a single component. The cable is available in different lengths and is packed either in a case, on drum or airspool.

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  • opticalCON multichannel solution based on the opticalCON DUO, QUAD or MTP®
  • maximum flexibility combining 2-, 4- and 12-channel cables
  • opticalCON multi mode fiber cables offer laser and bend optimized OM3 fibers
  • 1 m SPLIT: mechanically damaged connectors can be reassembled with a slightly shortened cable split
  • Color coding for channel identification
  • Rugged fiber optic connection system
  • For Point-to-Point multichannel routing
  • Innovative spherical shutter guarantees low maintenance
  • Dust and water resistant according to IP65 in mated condition

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