Neutrik powerMONITOR Rack Solution
opticalCON monitoring device

Panel plate with powerMONITOR to mount in a Neutrik panel frame


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The opticalCON powerMONITOR is a cost-saving, purpose-built measurement (monitoring) device for professional fiber optic broadcast, audio and video applications.

With simultaneous monitoring of attenuation for up to 4 transmission channels, powerMONITOR provides an immediate, “on air” view into fiber optic signal strength. Visual and audible alarms can be set individually for each fiber channel, based on each channel’s power budget. powerMONITOR provides clear status information, delivers early warnings for potential problems, and assists with maintenance scheduling.

Features & Benefits

  • On-air monitoring of fiber optic transmission quality
  • Simultaneous power measurement ( 0.0/-0.1dB measurement accuracy) of up to 4 channels
  • Programmable-threshold alarms
  • Rackmount and mobile units
  • Operates on rechargeable battery power or on mains power with fail-safe battery backup in case of unexpected mains power interruption
  • Low loss (0.5dB maximum split loss)
  • Wavelength selectable: multimode 850 nm or 1300 nm, single mode 1310 nm, 1550 nm or WDM (wave division multiplexing)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the opticalCON powerMONITOR a fiber optic power meter?
The powerMONITOR is more than that. It is able to monitor fiber optic attenuation of up to 4 channels simultaneously even while being on air. The cost effective design allows the widely use of the device in order to establish a comprehensive monitoring of all active fiber optic transmission channels.

Is on air troubleshooting possible with the powerMONITOR?
Yes, this is one of the most distinguishing features compared to an ordinary fiber optic power meter.

Can I save maintenance costs with help of the powerMONITOR?
Yes, you will! The powerMONITOR helps saving money, eliminating the need of fixed maintenance intervals.
It avoids needless cleaning and expensive measurements by reporting attenuation increase related to a fixed value.

Does the powerMONITOR simplify work with fiber optics for laymen?
The powerMONITOR allows defining attenuation thresholds. Attenuation values beyond a defined working range will lead to an alarm, indicating to non fiber specialist clearly that the cable has to be cleaned or that something else happened with the fiber optic transmission line.

Is a network based attenuation monitoring of all active transmission channels possible?
The hardware of the powerMONITOR is prepared to enable such a possibility. The corresponding software could be developed on request.

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