NTi Audio M4261
Class 2 Measurement Microphone

  • Cost-effective class 2 measurement microphone for general sound level testing, commissioning and service of audio-acoustic installations.
  • Class 2 classification (IEC 61672)
  • 1/4″ fixed microphone capsule
  • 27-144dB dynamic range
  • Suited for live sound, installations, broadcast, occupational Health

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The microphones are 48V phantom powered and include an electronic data sheet. The Automated Sensor Detection (ASD) of the XL2 Analyzer automatically reads this data, i.e. the microphone model and calibration data. This promotes faster setup and ensures accurate measurements.

The microphone bodies contain the preamplifier. They combine high dynamic range and wide frequency range with low noise. These measurement microphones connect via the ASD Cable to the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer, e.g. for measurements at remote locations or to reduce acoustic

Omni-directional, free-field microphone

Phantom power 48 VDC

Electronic data sheet installed

Frequency range 5 Hz – 20 kHz

Individual frequency response available as Excel-data

Optional calibration certificate

M2230, M2211, M2215 are formed by a combination of preamplifier MA220 and a dedicated microphone capsule

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