NTi TM3 Tapping Machine
Reliability, Quality, Efficiency

The remote-controlled TM3 Tapping Machine is a precision impact noise source for building acoustic measurements. It is typically used for the assessment of general impacts in dwellings that occur on floors or stairs in a building, and can be operated autonomously, due to the built-in battery.

  • Light and robust
  • Wireless remote control
  • Battery for 2 hours continuous operation


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The Tapping Machine is designed to carry out impact sound measurements in accordance with current building regulations and standards. It ensures precise impact noise measurements in accordance with the ISO 16283 standard.

Lightweight, well-engineered and accurate, the tapping machine will give many years of reliable service.

  • No lubrication required for the hammers
  • Drop height adjustment gauge fixed on the machine for convenient check
  • Programmable continuous operating time (5 or 20 min)
  • Remote operating through remote keyfob (provided).


Robust Design

The tapping machine consists of an aluminium frame standing on 3 rubber feet, the height of which can be adjusted. It includes a camshaft that drives 5 hammers with a mass of 500g each, set 10 cm apart from one from another. The machine allows the hammers to fall from a height of 40 mm with a time interval of 100 ms between each drop of a hammer. The machine includes a lead-acid gel battery that allows for an optimum and standardised continuous operation time of 2 hours. A pushbutton is used to manage the operation of the machine.

Remote Controlled Operation

The machine is supplied with a radio frequency remote control that allows for remote start and stop. The remote control is effective through the walls and floors normally found in residential and office buildings (the emitter’s range in direct field is greater than 100 m).


Complying to Standards

The tapping machine passed the rigorous testing procedure for conformance within PTB’s own testing laboratory. PTB is Germany’s highest authority when it comes to correct and reliable measurements. This confirms the quality of the tapping machine.

The Tapping Machine complies with the ISO 16283-2, ISO 717-2, ISO 10140-3/-4/-5, ISO 140-6/-7/-8, DIN 52210-6, ASTM E492 and ASTM E1007 standards.


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