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Our range of high quality SC adaptors have high precision alignment sleeves for reliability and improved reconnectability. For single mode applications a ceramic sleeve is supplied to ensure a high precision alignment. For multimode applications a phosphor bronze sleeve is supplied. The housing is available in different colours with options for flange or flangeless body, metal clips or inbuilt clips. A protective cap is provided  at each end of the adaptor with the same colour as the adaptor.


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  • Complies with IEC 61754-4 standard
  • High precision alignment sleeve
  • Blue, green, aqua and erika violet adaptors supplied with zirconia ceramic sleeve
  • Beige adaptor supplied with phosphor bronze sleeve
  • Low insertion loss and improved reconnectability
  • REACH SvHC compliant
  • Materials compliant to RoHS2
  • Available in simplex and duplex adaptors
  • Available in Flanged and Flangeless options
  • Also available are SC simplex adaptors with a shutter

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