PMXT² Power Monitoring for opticalCON
Optical Attenuation Measurement

• Monitoring of attenuation for opticalCON DUO & QUAD (single mode or multi mode)
• “On air” monitoring of fiber optic transmission quality
• Programmable threshold alarms
• Operates on 220V mains power (power cables included)
• Simultaneous power measurement (+0.0/-0.1dB measurement accuracy) of up to 4 channels
• Low loss (0.5dB maximum split loss)
• Ruggedized aluminum housing
• Carrying handle
• Heavy duty flight case for safe transport

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The PMXT² is a tour grade solution for field monitoring of optical signal attenuation. Fitted with Neutrik’s powerMONITOR, users can measure fiber attenuation for single & multimode signals, for both opticalCON DUO and QUAD.

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